Mikhail Cote Twarogowski, “Mikel” for short, makes comics on the internet sometimes, but also does other stuff, like web design (for money), video stuff and motion graphics (for money, occasionally), design, pottery, and 3D work. He lives in Fort Collins CO with his girlfriend Ruth, and cat, Loki. You can email him at mikhailtwar@gmail.com. You can look at his design work at miktwar.com.

Mikhail started making comics in 2008 with his buddy Parker “October” Cagle-Smith, under the Tea Time! Comics banner. Despite vowing to never create comics starring himself, Tea Time! was largely just conversations between him and Parker, acted out by their uncanny avatars “Mephistopheles” and “Lester”. The pseudonyms they started the comic under didn’t help the confusion.

Comikel is all the Tea Time! Comics that Mikhail made after Noah Besser joined, and the three wrote and drew each of their respective comics.

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