Here lies most of the comics I made over at Tea Time from 2008 to 2012. Things only got good after like 2010, by then I sort of new how to draw and use photoshop. Presented here in chronological order, so the run on gags work a little better. You've been warned.

Comic – Rest in Peace

September 1st

Rest in Peace Part II

September 8th

I sort of feeeeeeeeel like a moooOOOOooooovieeeee

Good Sportsmanship

November 10th

Like A Model Car!

November 17th

The 7th Circle

December 1st

Based on true events, you guys.

My Dad Got into a 3 Car Accident

December 22nd

Unlike when I normally say this, this actually is based on a true story, verbatim what my dad told me.

Gun People IV: A New Gun

February 9th

The Great Muzencab

March 9th

Portents of things to come.


April 13th

The Face of Fear

April 20th

Resume Tips

May 4th

Ritual Suicide

May 25th

Schtick Figures

June 8th

After we got featured on Cyanide and Happiness, I made this pun-tastic comic.


June 15th

One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

July 6th

Manly Banister

July 13th

This is an actual person’s name, and he wrote a book about book binding, and I don’t know what else you could desire from this universe.

Cat Justice

August 3rd

This is, honest to God, what was in my notebook.

BIG Savings at Comically Inconvenient Mart

August 10th

The 11th Commandment

August 17th

Sad Ramen

August 24th

Livin’ With Hobo Ghost

August 31st

The Shittiest Pun

September 14th


To Puntect and Serve

September 21st

The Cases Are Real

September 25th

The comic in question


September 28th

The Death of Bathroom-Sign Man

September 29th

Talkin’ bout graphic design jokes

Experts Still Baffled

October 5th

Ben Bersnacke

October 19th


October 26th

Netflix it

Make With the Crackers

November 2nd


November 9th

I stood by this comic in 2011 and I stand by it today.

This is for my Wife you ANIMAL

November 16th

Occupy Would Like to Use Your Current Location

November 23rd

Only Finest Bulgarian Leather!

November 30th

This is an actual conversation.

The Greatest Generation

December 14th


December 21st

Riveting, says NYTimes

December 28th

Cyanide Lager

January 18th

What if all beer is actually real gross and we have conditioned ourselves to like it. Think about it!

Sovengaard Awaits

February 1st

I know, video games. I figure though that since everyone ever has played it it would be universal enough.

Morrowind let you kill anyone, which was really cool. I was bummed in Oblivion and Skyrim that important NPCs couldn’t die. Anytime I get a new sword, I go to Dragonsreach and see how fast it’ll bring down the Jarl.

Jarl’s are good for that kind of thing.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Funny

February 8th

The internet is a terrible, terrible, terrible place.

Graphs Rule Everything Around Me

February 15th

High Stakes

May 16th

The simplest solution is always the best.

Also, Hair Ghost

June 13th

I did have to Google “fat guy backs” for this one and man Google sure delivered on that one.

A Technical Manual

June 20th

What the Hell is a Bonnet

July 25th

Which Trials

September 4th

That Most Wretched Place

September 12th

Our Tiny Brothers to the North

October 3rd

Inspired by a true story.

Plan B

October 24th

Brought to you by real life sentiments and feelings.

Rogue like

May 30th


Mikhail: The Avenger

July 11th

Hello internet!

I am making comics again! Apparently.

Trying out Manga Studio with this really dumb comic.

Hard Bargains

July 17th

In glorious color! I just realized the only two comics on this site with color involve Doritos.

A Familiar Foe

August 7th

Probably only funny if you’re a designer! This one is not great so I almost didn’t post it. But here you go. Enjoy, history!

Mind of Mikhail

September 26th